Bralys Garden Cart with Seat – Basket, Waterproof Cover

Bralys Garden Cart with Seat - Basket

Bralys Garden Cart with Seat – Basket, Waterproof Cover Included ,360degree Rotation, Height Adjustable Swivel Chair.

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  • Work In Comfort & Convenience – The swivel seat features a contoured and ergonomic design and rotates 360°. It’s also height adjustable from 19″-21″ and has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • A Complete Package – This garden stool with wheels and adjustable handle comes with a waterproof cover to protect it against sun and rain. Accessories and the hardware needed for assembly are also included.
  • No More Back-Breaking Lifting & Carrying – Four large wheels make it easy to move this heavy duty rolling stool around. The treads allow for excellent traction so they easily roll over dirt and muddy terrains.
  • Enjoy It For Longer – The heavy duty steel used lends exceptional durability and long service life to this rolling garden seat. The powder-coating finish makes it waterproof and rust-proof as well.
  • Conveniently Bring Your Tools & Supplies With You – The garden basket at the rear is large enough for small bags of fertilizers and several spray bottles. There’s also a garden tray under the seat.

Does the constant bending and kneeling make it less enjoyable for you to work in your garden?Gardening is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity. However, certain tasks, especially those that require you to work at ground level like planting and weeding, can leave you with an aching back and sore knees.Using a seat can help you avoid those problems. But why settle for an ordinary bench that you’ll need to carry, along with other gardening tools and supplies, every time you move to a new spot?This Garden Cart with Seat from BRALYS presents a more convenient alternative to traditional work chairs!This wagon scooter features an ergonomically-designed and height-adjustable seat. This helps relieve pressure on your back and legs and reduces the need to keep bending or crouching while you work. It also rotates 360° so you don’t have to twist and strain your hips and torso when reaching for items behind you.Solid steel axles, large treaded wheels, and an adjustable handle make transferring the rolling seat to the next flower bed or the garage for storage a breeze. Speaking of storage, you don’t always have to keep this wagon scooter in the garage or shed. It comes with a waterproof cover so you can leave it outdoors, confident that it’s safe from damages caused by the elements.

Weight: 32 pounds
Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 16 inches
Brand: Bralys
Manufacture: Bralys
Assembly: Yes