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Dorhui Zen Garden for Desk –Japanese Zen Sand Garden

Dorhui Zen Garden for Desk –Japanese Zen Sand Garden Tools

Dorhui Zen Garden for Desk –Japanese Zen Sand Garden Tools, Meditation Garden – 12” Large Round Bamboo Tray, 7 Mini Zen Garden Rake Kit, Stamp Spheres, Natural Sand – Mini Zen Decor Meditation Gifts

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  • Desktop Zen sand garden kit: Including 12” Large Round Bamboo Tray, 7 Mini Zen Garden Rake Kit, 2 Stamp Spheres, Natural Sand. The Zen garden for desks is multiple designed for tactile and visual play.
  • 7pcs mini bamboo Zen garden rake kit: Drawing stylus for creating freeform sand shapes. Line, wave, flower, circle, anything you can come up with, you can fulfill with this tool set.
  • Maracas with massage function: Massage balls are from high-end wooden materials in Japan. If you roll a Zen ball in the sand, the Zen ball Bring meditation or stress relief and massage your fingertips at the same time. Bring relief and calm to your day.
  • The 12″ circular tray: Large enough space for your creativity to flourish and Provides a playground for your imagination. Here, you can put your heart and soul into it.
  • A gift of wellness: All natural materials, no artificial pollution, environmental health. All products come in a box, and it’s a healthy gift to bring calm to your family or friends.

Creative and Mindful Relaxation: It’s just the right size to place on a coffee table, mantle, or desk. The Japanese Zen garden kit can provide you meditation after a long day at work. And give your mind calm.
Built With Sustainability in Mind: All natural bamboo and wood materials are selected, plastics and other artificial materials are rejected. Healthy, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Truly achieve the spiritual realm of harmony and unity with nature.
Calm mind and massage finger: The Zen ball with massage function can not only be played in the Zen garden, but also can be rolled on the hand to massage the palm or fingers.

Material: Natural bamboo and wood
Size: 12”

Package includes
1 x 12” Large Round Bamboo Tray
2 x Stamp Spheres
2 x Natural Sand
1 x Brush
1 x Upright rake
1 x Bending teeth rake
1 x Traditional four teeth rake
1 x Triangle shape teeth rake
1 x Spinning rake for circular design
1 x Pushing sand rake for erasing designs
1 x Drawing stylus for freeform designs

Weight: 3.47 pounds
Dimensions: 12.32 x 12.24 x 2.44 inches
Manufacture: Dorhui