Garden Netting, Plant Covers 10x33Ft Net Ultra Fine Mesh

Garden Netting

Garden Netting, Plant Covers 10x33Ft Net Ultra Fine Mesh Protection Netting for Vegetable Plants Fruits Flowers Crops Greenhouse Row Cover Raised Bed Barrier Screen Protection Net Cover

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  • 【Ultra-Fine Mesh Netting】Large Size 10×33 Feet provide more security, Ultra Fine Garden Netting has a 0.8mm x 1mm ultra-fine mesh, effective protect vegetable plants fruits flowers crops.
  • 【Air, Water & Light Through】Unique oblong hole construction creates very fine protections for great results, and others while allowing air and moisture through. Even better, there is no need to remove it when watering or giving a liquid feed, just apply directly through the mesh.
  • 【All-Purpose Garden Netting】Garden netting covers are widely used in pastures, orchards and gardens, protect your veggie investment with this simple shelter, also used indoors and windows at home. Its fine mesh keeps tree leaves out even the smallest dust — but provides some respite from the intense sun too.
  • 【Stabilized & Durable】The garden netting is made of high-quality see-through mesh netting with PE stabilized. Durable for long time use and can be reused year after year.
  • 【Protect Plants Easily】Easy to use-You can put the netting covers over plants directly and then secure with stones, soil, or stakes, and it can be cut into any size as needed. Protect your plants, trees and shrubs such as peaches, cherries, grapes, tomato, etc.

Premium Mesh Netting for Home & Garden

  • Durable PE stabilized materials.
  • Large size 10×33 ft plant netting covers.
  • Protects from intense sun and wind too.
  • Best plant cover.
  • Protect your veggie investment.

FARAER Ultra-fine Mesh Netting Screen

The Ultimate Cover Protection for Your Vegetables Plants Fruits

  • Ultra-Fine Mesh Netting Covers has a 0.8mm x 1mm ultra fine mesh.
  • Polyethylene heavy-duty stabilized material, a long lasting superior weighted netting.
  • Unique oblong hole construction creates a very fine covers for great results but still allows good airflow and water transmission.
  • Plant Covers Reduces rain splash and hail damage to crops, vegetables.
  • Mesh offers 25% Shade – 75% light transmission depending on positioning.

All-PURPOSE Garden Mesh Netting

Ultra-Fine Insect Mesh Netting is a lightweight polyethylene stabilized fine mesh practically all garden from Spring onwards thanks to the incredibly small 0.8mmx1mm ultra fine mesh.Meanwhile it can provide shade from the sun while allowing the cool breeze to enter through the mesh and no need to remove it when watering-So convenient get Maximum protection.Protect your veggie investment against with this simple shelter.

Premium Mesh Brings Comfort

FARAER mesh netting works perfectly as a physical barrier, allowing air and moisture through. Even better, there is no need to remove it when watering or giving liquid feed, just apply directly through the mesh.Tight & Strong Mesh made of high-quality PE material, creates a better life for both human & nature.

Multifunctional Applications Make Your Life More Colorful

Exquisite craft definitely meet your every demand of fabric, mesh, brand & etc.Can be cut to your desired size.Easy to apply, simply drape over plants/trees/shrubs/hoops, or as a screen for patio gazebo.

  • Build a hoop or a grow tunnel, then place the netting on the frame.
  • Cover directly on vegetables.
  • Support the netting with some posts.
  • Wrap the net directly on the fruit tree.


Weight: 1.34 pounds
Dimensions: 14.53 x 12.09 x 3.94 inches
Model: 10x33ft
Manufacture: FARAER

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