Japanese Zen Garden for Desk – Tabletop Office Desktop Sand

Japanese Zen Garden for Desk - Tabletop Office Desktop Sand Garden Accessories Box Set 9.4x9.4 Round Bamboo Tray

Japanese Zen Garden for Desk – Tabletop Office Desktop Sand Garden Accessories Box Set 9.4×9.4 Round Bamboo Tray, 3 Stamp Spheres ,Rake Tool – Mini Zen Garden Room Decor Meditation Unique Gifts

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  • Stressed at Work and Home? – Play sand spheres to feel the relaxation in your mind, great way to find your inner peace – these balls varied textures against your fingers and watch distinct patterns unfold.This is designed for the purpose of relaxation and stress relief while working on home office desk.
  • Stimulate Your Creativity – Develop a Sense of Beauty & Enhance Creative Flow Working with this desktop office decor Zen Garden Kit. The simple act of rolling the Zen spheres in the sand delivers a truly calming experience.These are based on concepts of beauty that can be applied to your life, your home, and your creative projects.Create straight, spiral, wavy, or random patterns on this zen garden kit using the sand spheres.
  • Sand Tray Therapy Kit – This mini zen garden kit you will ever need to trigger your senses includes 9.4″ in diameter Round wooden Tray, Fine Decorative Sand in a high quality bottle, 3 Zen Balls, Rack for Zen Spheres ,Rake Zen Garden Tool box table decor Create interesting patterns using the sand tray therapy kinetic sand table for eye-catching display!
  • Develop Focus and Patience – Practicing meditation helps you with the ability to stay on task longer. Use zen garden decor outdoor for meditation or stress-relief and add some peace and mindfulness to your day! The 9.4″ circular tray offers a playground for your imagination! Feel the charm of Japanese zen gardens into your work or living spaces.
  • Office Themed Gifts – Make your familiy smile with this office desk decor, that they’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.japanese garden decor; gorgeously packaged with the elements for inner peace. A delightful, deluxe, home office desk decorations, Zen decor gift box ,meditation accessories garden tool set

All-In-One Stress Relieving Kit

This mini stuff japanese garden decor kit provides comfort after working a long day. Home office decor mini tool kit, you’ll find a wooden comb, 3 patterned balls, natural sand, and a wooden ball holder and desk tray. The light-colored wood and neutral colors complement all types of furniture and settings , mini zen garden boho office decor

Philosophy to find peace

In this world full of stress and anxiety,everyone needs peace. This kit is a great tool to acheive the peace of mind. Meditation decor home tool kit a perfect solution to get peace. Mini desk garden kit a great gift set and are sure to enhance any tabletop or work space home decor

Add This Lovely Mini Stuff Japanese Zen Garden Touch To Any Place For Level Up Your Home Or Office
  • Capture the essence of Japan’s wonderful gardens, in a giftable, premium, desktop design

  • Promotes relaxation and stress relief

  • Increases dedication, focus, and concentration with therapy office decor

  • Stimulates creativity and assist with problem-solving spiritual decor

Japanese Room Decor Meditation Table Mindful Relaxation

Gently comb or create patterns in the sand tray of zen garden kit. It’s just the right size to place on a coffee table, mantle, or desk. Guests will love using your mini desktop zen garden, sand tray miniatures spiritual room decor automatic zen garden.

Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 10.47 x 10.31 x 2.87 inches
Model: ZGK1049
Manufacture: Specially4U