Product review: itslearning

This EdQuarter Product Review, powered by Education Technology, steps away from EdTech hardware to focus on an important software solution used by educational institutions every day – the Learning Management System, or LMS for short. An LMS – also called virtual learning environment (VLE) – provides educational organisations with a streamlined, user-friendly online environment for educators, students and administrators. It is a place to identify learning gaps, create lessons, organise and deliver content and courses, and assess student performance data while tracking and monitoring student progress in real-time.

An effective learning management system provides a consistent framework for teaching and for measuring student outcomes. By creating a central hub for learning objectives, courses and assessments, an LMS is an effective way to support teaching and learning.
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itslearning is the leading European learning platform provider for schools and universities. Built for today’s way of teaching, itslearning is used by millions of people around the world. The platform helps you plan for successful learning: it’s easy to create lessons and resources that engage your students.

It streamlines common teaching tasks, allowing teachers more time to teach. It provides actionable insights about student progress to help better personalise instruction. Since 2019, itslearning has been part of Sanoma Learning who serve 20 million students across Europe.

Our product review is not a demo – there is far more functionality to the system, so if you are interested in finding out more, please click the link below or the banners to contact itslearning.
itslearning are offering free demos with no obligation to buy – book one to get an overview and see if it would benefit your organisation.