Walmart expands in-garage deliveries across USA

US retailer Walmart has expanded its in-garage grocery delivery service in partnership with myQ. Using myQ’s smart garage technology, delivery staff working with Walmart will get one-time access to customers’ garages to drop their goods. At the same time they can pick up returns.

The partnership with myQ will help Walmart expand its in-home delivery reach thanks to it only allowing access to customers’ garages, and thereby reaching those who do not necessarily want drivers entering their main home. According to myQ, one in five US households are equipped with its smart garage door technology, which offers millions more Walmart customers the opportunity to use its InHome service. The system works with a number of leading brands of garage door opening systems.

Where customers don’t have the myQ technology integrated into their garage door openers, they will be offered a free upgrade by Walmart when they sign up for Walmart+.

“[O]ver the last few years, we’ve discovered our in-garage delivery option is a popular choice among members,” said Whitney Pegden, vice president and general manager of InHome.

Walmart’s expansion of the service is partly due to competition with Amazon, which is offering a similar service through its Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market brands.


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