Watch What Happened When Beta Squad Pretended To Work At Walmart

Fresh off the release of videos such as ‘We pretended to work at McDonald’s’, Beta Squad continue to demonstrate that their wild approach to comedy is applicable outside of the UK. This time, it’s Walmart’s turn to feel the brunt of their mayhem as the group take turns to masquerade as Walmart employees. At the start of the video, Niko Omilana cites that “we’re filming these videos in America because we can get away with it here”.

It doesn’t take long to see this sentiment in full force; Niko himself is up first and wastes no time in bewildering the public. Receiving instructions from the rest of the squad (who are cooped up in the security of a car), ridiculous situations are guaranteed. Mixing British humor with the unsuspecting American public is a blend that promises chaos and nonstop laughs.

Beta Squad more than deliver, ensuring they leave a string of clueless members of the public extremely confused, and sometimes, angry.

Be sure to check out the video in full above!