Expandable Garden Hose 100 FT, Flexible Water Hose

Expandable Garden Hose 100 FT

Expandable Garden Hose 100 FT, Flexible Water Hose with Anti-leak System & 10 Patterns Spray Nozzle, Heavy Duty Kink Free Yard Water Hose with Solid Brass Fittings for Watering/ Car Washing

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  • 【Incredible Expandable Garden Hose】This garden hose can be expanded up to 3 times(100ft) of its original length(33ft) with water pressure(3-12 Bar), and then retracts in minutes when the water is turned off. No more worrying about the water hose not being long enough to water around the garden!
  • ✨ 【Anti-leak System with Protectors】This expandable garden hose has 3/4 solid brass connector that matches any US standard faucet. Compared to inferior metal fittings, it can more effectively prevent corrosion and rust. The flexible 100ft water hose with a built-in rubber gasket is automatically locked to ensure no leakage.
  • ❤️【Heavy-duty Water Hose】This kink-free water hose uses a high-density 3-layer latex core and a tightened polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. It can withstand water pressure of 3-12 Bar and temperatures 41℉-113℉. No more worries about leaks, tear,s and cracks! The compact water hose is for long-term use.
  • 【10 Functional Water Hose Nozzle】Compared to most 8-pattern hose nozzles, this portable water hose nozzle with 10 patterns to meet your all watering needs. The rubberized outer coating is non-slip and comfortable. Buckle stent for uninterrupted use. Ergonomic handgrip for effortless operation. You can feel the quality instantly you pick up the 100ft stretch garden hose.
  • ✨ 【Easy To Use & Store】The water pipe is incredibly lightweight and ultra-easy to maneuver and store. And the included garden hose hanger and a storage bag easily save storage space. Just drain water from the hose when not in use, and store it out of the direct sun.
  • ❤️【Wide Application】This 100ft garden hose is suitable for house, car, floor, yard washing, garden watering, pet cleaning, and so on.❤NOTE: If there is any problem with this water hose, please email us right away for replacement (How to contact: Click the store name “uvistare”–Ask a question–An order I placed then tell us your issue or find our email in the FAQ, we will deal with it within 1 business day).


1.Do not run hot water through this hose.

2. The hose is not intended for drinking water use.

3.Do not leave the water turned ON and the hose under pressure when not in use.

4.Drain the hose in the summer when you are not using it and keep it shaded as much as possible.

5.Store the hose in winter in the condition of draining the hose completely as water remaining can freeze, damaging the hose.

Are you troubled by these things when using your hose?

-hose is bulky and won’t move

-easy to kink or tangle

-hidden danger such as pipe burst

Don’t worry. Here our Expandable Garden Hose comes!

It combines high strength tough woven casing and thickening latex core, which provide double protection for the hose.

And after the update from plastic connectors to the brass fittings, the item is premium whatever in life usage or experience, higher than 90% of the other product on the market.

It will definitely bring you an unprecedented experience in quality, safety and reliability.

Solid Brass Fittings

3/4 solid brass connector matches any US standard faucet. Compared to inferior metal fittings, it gives excellent corrosion resistance and no rust.

Thickening Latex Inner Tube

Thickening latex inner hose pipe brings good performance in expanding up and withstanding pressure without leaking or bursting.

Anti-Leak & Kink-Free

The 3750D tough polyester woven fabric material makes garden hose no kink, burst, or become tangled.

Weight: 4.4 pounds
Dimensions: 13.54 x 11.93 x 5.63 inches
Manufacture: Page Hodge

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Expandable Garden Hose
expandable water hose