Fumalato 50ft Garden Hose Expandable, Lightweight Water Hose

Fumalato 50ft Garden Hose Expandable

Fumalato 50ft Garden Hose Expandable, Lightweight Water Hose with 10 Function Spray Nozzle, Kink-free Leakproof Flexible Pipe Hose for Garden Yard Watering (50 FT)

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  • ✅ Expandable and Retractable Hose – The hose gradually expands to 3 times its original length under standard water pressure and shrink back up after the water is fully released. And it features a handy on-off valve at the end of the hose that shuts off the water effortlessly so you don’t have to go back and forth to the faucet.
  • ✅ 10-in-1 Multifunctional Sprayer Nozzle – the water hose features 10-pattern spray settings for different purposes such as garden watering, car washing, pet showering or windowing cleaning, etc ( choose from Full, Flat, Shower, Cone, Jet, Soaker, Angle, Mist, 1/2 Vert and Center spray model depending on your needs)
  • ✅ Easy to Roll up and Store – Compared with old rubber hose, this water hose is super easy to maneuver and coil up thanks to it’s lightweight and tangle-free design. It also comes with a transport bag and water hose clamp for hassle-free storage and carrying around.
  • ✅ Trusted Endurance – the hose is well construed of strengthened double latex core and covered with 3300 D highly-elastic polyester fabric which efficiently protect the hose from thorns, punctures, and sharp corners. Meanwhile, maximum durability and flexibility is guaranteed due to its premium tear-resistant materials
  • ✅ Highly-resistant Brass Fittings – Fumalato garden hose boasts a 3/4-inch brass connectors and solid brass end with extra rubber washer which save you from the biggest headache of corrosion, leakage or cracking. (3/4in brass connector fits typical outdoor garden taps in US)

Fumalato 50ft Expandable Garden Hose with 10 Function Spray Nozzle  
1. Are you tired of the days carrying a heavy hose around your hose when watering your garden? 
2. Have you ever struggled to manage a hose that get kinked or gone through a pain to coil the hose back up? 

If yes, here comes Fumalato expandable garden hose is here to offer an ideal solution.

Fumalato water hose features compact and light weight design with excellent flexibility. It’s small sized when not in use, but expand to three times its original size after turning the value on. It will shrink back to its original length once the water is fully released. All these make watering easier and a great pleasure.
It’s super easy to maneuver and store. It comes with storage bag and hose hanger. It can be easily folded without worrying about kink or knots and stored anywhere for your convenience.

Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why isn’t the hose extended to its advertised length?
Answer: The hose will gradually expand to 3 times its original length when water pressure is higher than 6 bars ( recommended water pressure 6-12 bars). please don’t release the water from nozzle before it’s fully expanded.
Question 2: What should we do if there’s a leakage from the fittings?
Answer: Please make sure a rubber washer is properly installed to female connector of hose and nozzle to avoid leakage happening.
Question 3: How to extend the service time of the water hose?
Answer: a.Please drain the water out of the hose keep the hose off sun when not in use. b.It’s suggested that the hose is stored indoor in cold weather.

Package include:
1 x 50ft Expandable Hose
1 x 10-Pattern Sprinkler Nozzle
2 x Extra Washer
1 x Hose Clamp
1 x Transport Bag
1 x User Manual

Weight: 3 pounds
Size: 50 FT
Dimensions: 14.33 x 8.35 x 5.24 inches
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Fumalato
Origin: China
Quantity: 1
Size: 50 FT