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Bluwing Garden Water Hose Holder, Freestanding Outside Hose

Bluwing Garden Water Hose Holder

Bluwing Garden Water Hose Holder, Freestanding Outside Hose Hanger, Outdoor Hose Rack Hook with Stand, Heavy Duty Metal Hose Storage Reel for Yard Lawn (Hose Not Included)

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  • Child Friendly: Cute children like to explore their creative world in the garden, play and play in the water. Our updated frame design allows garden hose holder come with smooth surface, no burrs and no sharp raised edges. Less worry of you and your children being scratches when installing or playing in the garden.
  • Freestanding Hose Holder: No wall mounted required. The base prongs is designed to grab into ground stably for freestanding, a flexible way of getting hose stored orderly. You can even put rest of hose on this holder while you are watering flowers or plants.
  • More Rustproof: Rust is annoying problem for water hose holder. We care what you care. The updated freestanding hose holder is with outdoor special-using powder coating finished and 95μm thickness of paint film on surface, which protect hose holder against acid rain and long-term exposure. Whole hose holder will be more rust-proof and durable.
  • Easy Installation: Tired of repeatedly checking installation instructions? We make it simple. You can get our hose holder assembled in a few minutes, absolutely free of complicated installation steps. Even for children, they like to explore their creative world with such easy installation of hose holder.
  • High Stability: Leaning, bent over? We want to make it stable to get hose stored orderly. There are three prongs at the base of hose holder. When holding water hose, the hose holder grab into ground firmly and stably, even in snow or wind. We stand behind out products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions of this item.

Garden Hose Holder, to get your hose storaged orderly.

Updated Frame Design

Updated frame design for no raised sharp edges, less worry of being scratched.

Stronger Weld

Stronger weld on hose holder base, prongs willn't be easily broken and grab into ground firmly.

Sturdy Connection

2.55 inches long inserted metal connection to make hose holder sturdy and stand firmly.

Anti-Rust Protectin

Outdoor special using powder coating finished on hose holder for long-lasting rust-proof protection.

Weight: 3.46 pounds
Dimensions: 16.73 x 7.48 x 7.68 inches
Brand: Bluwing
Model: A1110
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bluwing
Origin: China

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