Product Review of GIPHY Capture. The GIF Maker

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Take note that GIPHY Capture is available only for Mac computers. It’s totally free, though, and shockingly easy to use, so it’s a great option for learners[1] to make GIFs, or even for educators[2]. GIPHY Capture uses screen recording to create GIFs, unlike some competitors that allow users to extract GIFs from uploaded videos or links to content.

This means to get started, you’ll first need to find some animation on the internet or on your desktop that you want to convert into a GIF (for instance, a section of a YouTube video). Once you’ve got that set up, just position the transparent window of GIPHY Capture over the the thing you’re recording, click the red record button to start/stop the recording, and then apply some very basic changes (length, pixel size, text, etc.). With GIPHY Capture, you’re trading detailed editing and tons of features for simplicity, so this works best for those who value ease of use over creating the perfect GIF.

Educators in particular should consider using GIPHY Capture to create instructional GIFs for learners[3] or colleagues. Have a tool you want to help someone use? Record your screen as you show off the tool’s features, and then convert that recording into a series of instructional GIFs.



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