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myBlee is a math practice and tutorial app for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade[1]. First, users set up an account (using an email address, username, and grade[2] level), then kids can launch straight into the lessons and step-by-step instructions. They can scroll through the lesson icons and select the one they wish to complete. Each lesson consists of six levels, with brief instruction[3] followed by a set of questions.

Kids can repeat lessons, but they have to complete a lesson in order to move on to the next one. After answering a question using either the pencil tool or a touchscreen feature, kids tap a check mark to find out whether they answered correctly. They receive positive reinforcement for correct answers, and a detailed review for incorrect answers.

A parent section includes access to progress reports, settings, account information, and a list of suggested lessons for kids. Kids can learn and practice a variety of math concepts, depending in their selected grade[4] level. Concepts include number sense, arithmetic with the four operations, measurement, fractions, decimals, and working with number lines and graphs.

Each level within a lesson starts with a short instructional component, and then kids have to answer a series of questions. The question format varies; for example, some are drag-and-drop and others are fill-in-the-blank, which helps prepare kids for formal assessments. Kids earn puzzle pieces for completing levels, which they can use in the prize area to complete jigsaw puzzles.

They also earn badges and trophies for their accomplishments. Use myBlee Math in the classroom for instructional support and targeted practice. After introducing a new concept, have kids complete the first level of a standards-aligned lesson.

Come together as a class and review learners[5]' results. Once kids have gotten a passing score on the first level, have them move on to the next level. Continue until all levels in the lesson have been mastered.

You can use the progress tracking system to assign additional work and review as needed. myBlee does a lot of things right: It's chock-full of Common Core-aligned lessons and lots of step-by-step instructions. What sets it apart is the progress tracking. The feedback for incorrect answers is excellent, and parents or educators[6] can get instant reports on kids' progress and help connect kids to additional lessons and instructions.

Even without that input from adults, the questions adjust depending on past performance, making this an especially adaptive, encouraging tool for kids to level-up their math knowledge. While the in-app purchases can get spendy and the audio can be distractingly robotic, these drawbacks are minor compared the high value of such customized targeted practice. Overall, this is a super helpful way to support learners[7]' math progress.

Website:[8] Overall User Consensus About the App Student Engagement

Praise and fun rewards keep kids motivated to learn and complete lessons. Curriculum and Instruction The combination of instruction[9], targeted practice, and detailed feedback provides an excellent learning experience.

Customer Report

Content is well organized, and video tutorials help users get started.

Audio is choppy and may be difficult to understand at times.


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