Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Waterproof Motion Detector LED

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Waterproof Motion Detector LED Flashing Light

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Waterproof Motion Detector LED Flashing Light ,Solar Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Sensor Repellent for Garden Repel Raccoon Birds Squirrel Deer Cat Dog

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  • 【Human & Environment Friendly Animal Solar Repeller】Are you tired of animals invading destroying your home and garden?This garden repellent for animals is humane ,human cannot heard ultrasonic waves ,only animals will be influenced, solar powered animal repeller safe, no electrical,traps,physically repelling,solar animal repeller with motion sensor protect your family and nature.
  • 【Upgraded Design 360° Ultrasonic Animal Repeller】Solar powered ultrasonic animal repeller is different from the traditional animal repeller, animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor consists of 3 sides, ultrasonic cat repellent each side has an infrared sensor thus, can sense the small movements of invasive animals up to 30 feet away in a 360° range,features state of the art ultrasonic technology at the same time by an alarm sound and flash lights,scare them away from your house, garden, yard.
  • 【Five Operation Modes Animal Repeller】The animal repellent outdoor has 5-level function adjustment,1: Ultrasonic horn alarm sound drive, 2: The ultrasonic horn emits bird calls of repelling,3: Ultrasonic +blue and white light strobe light,4: The ultrasonic horn emits owl calls mode of repelling,5: Infrared blue and white LED light night mode, cycle mode with all functions from 1-5 gears, until the animal is driven out of the inductior range.Different frequencies repel different animals.
  • 【Solar & Waterproof Ultrasonic Animal Repellent】 Animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor with solar panel on the top can convert sunlight into power to ensure the durable operations of the ultrasonic bird repeller outdoor,rabbit repeller also can be charged with included USB cable ,raccoon repellent ultrasonic features solid construction and IP44 waterproof design,which can protect itself against normal rain, snow, or the harsh sun,you can use rabbit repeller in any weather conditions.
  • 【 Portable & Easy To Use Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller】 Animal repeller portable and small size ,simply insert the solar ultrasonic repeller into the appropriate soil where the light touches and turn on for functioning,maintenance-free operation,animal repellent outdoor portable to take into your camping to be away from wild animal harassment.Contact us for full money back or a new replacement if any issue caused. We are ready to help within 24 hours with 100% satisfied solution.

Why choose our solar cat repellent ultrasonic outdoor?

1.Five Modes for You to Choose:You can choose any mode to use according to your own needs, animal sensor repellent it has repellent effect on all kinds of animals.

2.Easy to Install:Simply insert theanimal sensor repellent into any soil that has light from invasive animals.

3.EnergySaving and Weatherproof:Ouranimal ultrasonic repelleruse advanced solar panels, which can be charged as long as there is a light source, and are equipped with a USB charging cable to work year-round regardless of the weather.

4.Humanitarian Expulsion of Animals:Solar power animal repeller just drive invasive animals out of your garden, farmland.


1 Please place the animal solar repellerin the activity area away from infants and young children.

2. Do not block the infrared sensor detector of ultrasonic squirrel repeller outdoor, so as not to affect the use effect.

3.Please tear off the clear protective coating on the top of the garden repellent for animals to ensure it can absorb sunlight effectively. 

4. Please install the ultrasonic animal repeller outdoor in the direction the animal came from. The mounting height depends on the size of the animal.

5.Contact us for full money back or a new replacement if any issue caused. We are ready to help within 24 hours with 100% satisfied solution. 


Infrared sensing angle: 360°

Power: Solar or USB

Solar Panel: 5V 120mA/hr Polysilicon

Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh lithium battery

Waterproof grade: IP44

Ultrasonic frequency: 16.5kHz-60kHz

This package includes:

1 X Solar Drive

1 X USB cable

1 X Aluminum Mounting Bar

1 X User Manual

Weight: 13.1 ounces
Dimensions: 4.57 x 4.41 x 5.67 inches
Model: DDTnw
Manufacture: DDTnw