Walmart workers fight over manager who slept with both of them in viral TikTok

Kawter Abed

  ?   Published: 2022-10-01T14:19:30   ?   Updated: 2022-10-01T14:19:50

Two Walmart employees went viral on TikTok after fighting over a manager who was allegedly sleeping with both of them.

TikToker and Walmart customer Keaira shared two videos of the altercation, with the first gaining over 2.1 million views and the second getting over 185,000. 

In the first clip, which has a text overlay that reads, "Part 1 of Walmart shenanigans," a red-haired Walmart employee is shown being escorted by another worker as she's screaming and gesturing wildly. 

Then, another employee with black hair gets brought out and taken in the other direction. She appears to be gesturing and yelling, but can't be heard.

According to Keaira, an aunt who was also watching the shouting match at Walmart said: "the manager sleeping with the employees."

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In the second video, more details about the situation were revealed. "She wasn't done, she had to let the whole store know about Wayne," Keaira captioned the video. In the clip, the black-haired employee can be seen coming back into the store, yelling "Wayne... from OGP," referring to the store's online grocery pickup department.

She then gets on the store's intercom system to expose her coworker and manager. "Attention all Walmart associates," she said. "Wayne... from OGP has been having a constant affair... They've been trying to hide it.

That's why she wear a mask." The Walmart employee claimed that Wayne tried to sleep with her as well, and that's how the situation escalated.

"What you stand for, is what you stand for, you know better but you continue to stand for it," the woman said.

Another Walmart employee then comes over and takes the intercom away from her. "F**k all y'all," the woman said as she left.

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TikTok react to Walmart workers fighting over manager

TikTok[3] users were highly entertained by the drama at Walmart, and many local customers recognized the fighting employees.

"Damn how I seen both of them before working too.

I always miss the entertainment at Walmart," one user claimed.

"Its crazy cus i see her everytime i go to Walmart in morrow no lie," another commented. "Entertainment while shopping," a third shared. "Only at Walmart," someone else wrote.

Others were cracking jokes about the Walmart manager, Wayne.

"So he wasn't just fulfilling them online orders," one user quipped. "Rumor has it that Wayne has a baby at every Walmart and he named them all Walmart," another joked.


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